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Ceyhun Osmanlı
Ceyhun Osmanlı IV çağırış Azərbaycan Respublikası Milli Məclisinin deputatı
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Ceyhun Osmanlı
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Expo 2025 Baku: Azerbaijan’s Bid to Become the First Caucasus Country to Host a Universal ExpoI believe that Azerbaijan with its strong credentiels and its award-winning pavilions, which were among the most popular ones in terms of number of visits during the last three Expos in Milan, Antalya and Astana, should be given a chance to become the first Caucasus country to ever host the World Exhibition in 2025.
Azerbaijan: A new energy and transport hub between Europe and AsiaThe new the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway is good news for the EU, says Ceyhun Osmanli.
From Bombs To Trophies: Exiled Qarabaq Team Shakes The Champions LeagueQarabaq made two remarkable draws 0-0 (18 October) and 1-1 (1 November) against Atletico Madrid. However, they lost narrowly 1-2 (27 September) against Roma, but they face their toughest test against Chelsea in a classical David and Goliath face-off.
The EU should reward, not punish its loyal partner AzerbaijanThe European Union’s double standards in its dealings with Azerbaijan are damaging to the trust of a people that embraces European values, writes Ceyhun Osmanli.
Azerbaijan holds the key to stopping ISISWhereas radicalisation is increasing in countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Iraq and Syria, there has been a weakening in the phenomenon of radicalisation in Azerbaijan.
EU Today: Rights of women in the Muslim worldWhile gaffes of presidential candidates in the US have recently given much room for debate, many remain indifferent to the growing human rights violations against women globally, especially in the Muslim world.
Azerbaijan's sporting modelAzerbaijan has proven its ability to host important international sporting events and is eager to repeat its success
First ever European Games heralded as a "big success"The success of the inaugural European Games strengthened Azerbaijan on the world and European map, according to the youngest Azerbaijani MP
First ever European Games hailed as ‘resounding success’“The first European Games will go down in sporting history,” Ceyhun Osmanli told EU Reporter
Azerbaijani MP's document discussed at Euronest committee meetingIn February, Brussels hosted a meeting of the Social Committee of Euronest Parliament Assembly.
Azerbaijan’s youth policy a kind of brand in EuropeChoosing Ganja as the European Youth Capital 2016 is the result of a successful youth policy conducted in Azerbaijan.
Jamil Hasanli is a comic character in the film of Ibrahimbayov - MPAbstracts of Jamil Hasanli, whose candidature for the presidential elections was put forward by the opposition National Council, cause a smirk, as all his judgments have remained at the level of the early 90s of the last century, MP Jeyhun Osmanli has told
MP attends exhibition on tolerance in Azerbaijan in UN headquartersAs part of his visit to New York, Member of Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan Jeyhun Osmanli attended opening of a photo exhibition ‘Azerbaijan – a place of tolerance’ organized by Heydar Aliyev Foundation, UN Alliance of Civilizations and State Committee of Azerbaijan for Work with Religious Associations in UN Headquarters in New York
Azerbaijani MP attends Caspian Forum in New YorkMember of the Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan Jeyhun Osmanli has made a trip to New York.
Anar Mammadov has no moral right to talk about elections - MPAnar Mammadov, chairing the electoral structure without any election for already 11 years, has no right to talk about elections.
This rally destroyed fables about National Council's social base - MPAssessing the rally, MP Jeyhun Osmanli told Gun.Az that the rally which was to show "power" of the National Council winded up with counter effect
Low-income families receive aid on Ramadan holidayLow-income families from the first election district No. 63 of Sabirabad region received congratulations on initiative of the MP from the region Jeyhun Osmanli on 9 August
Azerbaijani MP send letter to EU leadersAzerbaijani parliamentarian has sent a letter to leaders of the European Union
Azerbaijani MP attends int'l conference in UkraineMember of Milli Majlis (Parliament) of Azerbaijan Jeyhun Osmanli is on a visit to Kiev
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