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Ceyhun Osmanlı
Ceyhun Osmanlı IV çağırış Azərbaycan Respublikası Milli Məclisinin deputatı
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Ceyhun Osmanli Yunis
Place and date of birth: Baku, Azerbaijan, 30 January 1982.
1989-1999 Elementary, secondary and high school education obtained in Baku.
1999 Enrolled in the Political Science Faculty of Baku State University.
2003 Obtained a Bachelor's degree, went on to study for a Master's degree at Baku State University.
2005 Gained a Master's Degree in Political Science.
2006 Began post-graduate studies at the UNEC - University of Economics of Azerbaijan and obtained a PhD degree
2007 Participated in the "SENSE" program organized by the University of Warsaw and the Polish Academy for National Security.
2008 Completed "Leadership in Development Program" at Harvard University (Boston, USA)
1999 Founded the Azerbaijan Volunteers' Public Union, of which he was president in 2000-2006.
2002-2005 Member of the Advisory Council and Programming Committee on Youth of the Council of Europe
2002-2006 Secretary General of the National Assembly of Youth Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
2005 Founded the Azerbaijan Youth Parliament, of which he was chairman in 2006-2009.
2005 One of the founders of the "IRELI" All-Republican Youth Movement, of which he was chairman in 2008-2012.
2008 Empowered to act as the presidential candidate Ilham Heydar oglu Aliyev’s Authorised Representative in the 2008 Azerbaijani Presidential Elections
2010-2015 Member of the Milli Majlis [Parliament] of the Republic of Azerbaijan of the fourth convocation and a member of the Milli Majlis International and Inter-Parliamentary Relations Committee. Member of the Azerbaijan delegation to the Euronest  Parliamentary Assembly.
2012-2014 Board Member of the Parliamentary Network of the World Bank and the IMF [International Monetary Fund].
Since April 2017 deputy rector at the Odlar Yurdu University for International Relations and Innovations. Associate Professor since June, 2017

Foreign Languages: Fluent in Russian, English and Turkish.
Author of numerous articles published in the local and foreign media.
Initiator and organizer of dozens of local and international projects.

Countries visited: the USA, Argentina, Turkey, Russia, Germany, Holland, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Belgium, France, Italy, Great Britain, Sweden, Poland, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary among others.
Marital status: married with three children.

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