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Ceyhun Osmanlı
Ceyhun Osmanlı IV çağırış Azərbaycan Respublikası Milli Məclisinin deputatı
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Ceyhun Osmanlı
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Jeyhun Yunis ogly Osmanli was born on 30 January, 1982 in Baku.
Studied at the secondary school in Baku during 1989-1999.
Was admitted to Baku State University in 1999.
After graduation from BSU, was admitted to Master Degree in Baku State University in 2003.
Graduated from Master in Political Science with distinction in 2005.
Is the alumni of “SENSE” Program held by Warsaw University and Poland Security Academy in 2007.
Is the alumni of “Program for Leadership Development” of Harvard University (Boston, USA) in 2008.
Currently continues his education in graduate school of Azerbaijan State Economic University and has successfully completed his scientific work.
Founded Azerbaijan Volunteers’ Public Union in 1999.
Was a president of Azerbaijan Volunteers’ Public Union during 2000-2006 years.
Was a member of Council of Europe's Advisory Council and Program Committee on Youth Issues during 2002-2005.
Was General Secretary of National Council of Youth Organizations of Azerbaijan Republic during 2004-2006.
Established first Youth Parliament in the Caucasus in 2005.
Was one of founders of “IRELI” Countrywide Youth Movement in 2009.
Was a chairman of Azerbaijan Youth Parliament during 2006-2009.
Was selected chairman of “IRELI” Public Union in 2008 and currently leads the organization.
Was representative on elections of Ilham Heidar ogly Aliyev who run for presidency in the presidential elections held in Azerbaijan Republic in 2008.
Was elected a member of parliament to Milli Majlis of Azerbaijan Republic in 2010. Is a member of International Relations and Inter-parliamentary Relations committee of Milli Majlis.
Speaks Azerbaijani, Russian, English and Turkish fluently.
Married. Has three children.  

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