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Ceyhun Osmanlı
Ceyhun Osmanlı IV çağırış Azərbaycan Respublikası Milli Məclisinin deputatı
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Dear voters

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Millət vəkili Ceyhun Osmanlı
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Election platform


• To become a driving force behind public confidence for the new parliament, for renewal and reforms
• To enable the parliament to support the president in the area of reforms and renewal
• To voice progressive and reformist thoughts and ideas in the new parliament
• To enable the parliament to become a platform for Azerbaijan’s political and intellectual elite and to start operating as a qualitatively new legislative body
• To form a parliament advocating the interests of statehood and safeguarding national interests more consistently and resolutely


• To see the adoption of laws not as an objective in itself, but as a means to implement socioeconomic reforms and improve living standards of our citizens
• To always proceed from the principles of a democratic society and free economy in preparing laws
• To observe the Strategy – Program – Law sequence in legislative activity
• To take public opinion into consideration in preparing draft laws of great importance to the socioeconomic development of the country


• To give preference to systematic solution of voters’ problems through the adoption and implementation of appropriate laws, programs and investment projects
• To conduct regular meetings with voters in Sabirabad at least once in three months
• To establish permanent office in Sabirabad
• To start a MP’s registration book and conduct necessary analysis
• To establish a Guardians Fund to resolve socioeconomic problems
• To follow the “Believe, Elect, Demand” principle with voters
• Positively change the image of a Member of Parliament in Sabirabad


• To ensure timely consideration of people’s applications and complaints and to resolve the concerns being raised fairly and in line with the law
• To establish an Advisory Council comprised of executive authorities, local governments, entrepreneurs, NGOs, elders and intellectuals
• To enhance the role of local governments in the solution of the district’s socioeconomic problems, improve the legal framework in order to strengthen the financial security and resources of municipalities
• To improve the professional level of personnel engaged in different areas and to continue systematic investment in human capital to address the need for human resources


• To prepare a socioeconomic development program for Sabirabad
• To raise the issue of increasing budget allocations to the district during the parliamentary debate on the draft state budget
• To prepare laws capable of creating favorable conditions for the development of private enterprise, including local production
• To develop regulatory framework for banks to increase loans to districts
• To update relevant laws to encourage the attraction of foreign investment
• To submit proposals to relevant executive authorities on channeling a portion of oil revenues into the development of the region


• To increase subsidies from the state budget
• To use sponsorship funds to set up a Fund to facilitate the development of Sabirabad
• To attract foreign investment
• Aid and loans from international organizations


• To resolve problems of the village and villagers
• To raise with the government the issue on increasing investment and low-interest loans to the agricultural sector
• To update the legal framework on improving the provision of agricultural machinery and stepping up the work of agricultural service companies
• To take specific action to establish a broad network of highly important food industry enterprises in the district
• To raise with the government the issue on preparing a rural development program
• To raise with relevant agencies the issue on incorporating certain priority development measures into appropriate state programs
• To use the legislative initiative to develop a legal framework enabling the procurement of agricultural produce from the villager at a favorable price
• To raise the issue of building a new grain storage in Sabirabad
• To raise the issue of establishing new cold-storage chambers for agricultural produce in Sabirabad
• To prepare suggestions on the development of traditional spheres in agriculture and encouragement of new projects
• To take additional measures to facilitate the easier transportation of agricultural products from villages to the big cities
• To remove the obstacles impeding agricultural development


• To raise the issue on the construction of both central and new village roads
• To raise with relevant state agencies the issue on resolving electricity and gas supply problems, and to have them resolved
• To submit a proposal on upgrading the water and sewage infrastructure
• To continuously focus on the construction of new dams to prevent flooding
• To raise the issue on addressing the need of Sabirabad villages for irrigation water
• To drill artesian wells in certain villages to resolve the drinking water problem, to repair existing ones and to assist in the construction of water pipelines
• To submit suggestions to relevant agencies regarding the construction of bridges as required, and to have them implemented

• To update relevant legislative acts in order to establish the minimum wage not on a monthly but hourly basis
• To put forward the proposal on raising the pension to the average monthly wage
• To engage in legislative activity on reinstating the value of people’s savings in banks (during Soviet period) and paying them back
• To create a legal framework enabling the creation of new jobs in order to allow citizens the opportunity to make a steady income
• To make needs assessments by conducting various surveys
• To provide support to Karabakh war-victim families, Karabakh war veterans, the handicapped and lonely, and those in need


• To prepare suggestions on simplifying mortgage conditions for young families and improve the provision of Sabirabad youngsters with apartments
• To raise with executive authorities the issue on the allocation of a land fund for young families to build homes
• To provide special support to young sportsmen, promote sport, establish new sporting facilities, to restore the city stadium in particular
• To assist young people, especially those leaving university, in finding employment
• To assist the Sabirabad youth living and working outside Azerbaijan in realizing their potential
• To establish new clubs and organizations to keep young people away from pernicious habits
• In addition to providing young people with quality education in the country, to make effort to enable them to receive education abroad at the expense of the state, return to the country as qualified professionals and be employed in secure jobs


• To provide legislative benefits for teachers working in remote villages
• To raise the issue with relevant executive authorities on opening of new higher and secondary schools in the district and renovate existing ones
• To submit a suggestion to relevant agencies on establishing several exemplary kindergartens in the district
• To raise with the government the issue of increasing the salaries in the sphere of education in line with the average salary
• To prepare and implement, with the aid of relevant agencies, suggestions on expanding the computer and Internet network and promoting the achievements of information technologies
• To operate libraries in line with present-day requirements


• To suggest during the state budget debate in parliament to increase budget allocations on enhancing material and technical base of state medical institutions
• To prepare suggestions on increasing the salaries in the healthcare system in line with the average salary
• To raise with relevant agencies the issue on establishing modern medical diagnosing center in Sabirabad at the expense of the state
• To raise the issue of renovating the Central District Hospital, establishing an administrative building of the Center of Hygiene and Epidemiology and of the Tuberculosis Dispensary, and refurbishing 25 medical institutions


• To raise the issue of modernizing culture facilities, cinema, theatre and clubs
• To conduct historical, ethnographic and especially archeological researches in the district, to enhance attention to the district by conducting archeological excavations to reveal the region’s rich historical heritage
• To provide support in the publication of books on Sabirabad’s literary, cultural and other important directions
• To develop different projects to discover Sabirabad’s cultural potential to the maximum extent


• The biggest objective for all the people of Sabirabad and Azerbaijan as a whole is the liberation of Nagorno-Karabakh and seven districts adjacent to it from Armenian aggression. To do that, each one of us, all Azerbaijanis, including the people of Sabirabad, must work hard, tirelessly and with determination. For our work to produce the desired result, we need a developing Sabirabad capable of contributing to Azerbaijan’s cause! As a great example of the unity of the people and the state, we must join our forces around common ideas and make Sabirabad one of Azerbaijan’s most developed regions.

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